Slide Writing Instrument
The EPS-BP1000 slide writing instrument adopts the most advanced ultraviolet laser printing and marking technology, which can clearly and efficiently print ultra-high resolution text and pattern information on the paint surface of the slide. It is easy to operate, stable in operation, intelligent and efficient, which can greatly improve the efficiency of clinical work and meet the needs of clinical information.
  • printing speed
    3~5 Second/piece
  • Printing accuracy
  • Maximum loading capacity at one time
Product Advantages
  • New printing technology
    Using the most advanced UV laser printing technology, the laser spot is extremely small, the precision is high, and the printing resolution is high。
  • Zero cost of consumables
    It can print all kinds of painted glass slides on the market, and there is no requirement for the painted surface of the glass slides. No ribbon, inkjet, no printing consumables.
  • Ultra-clear printing
    It can print all kinds of texts, Chinese and English, symbols, numbers, images and two-dimensional codes, etc., and the number of print fields can be customized, and the print fonts are clear and exquisite.
  • Permanent preservation
    The printed content is scratch-resistant, resistant to soaking in chemical reagents such as xylene and alcohol, and will never fade, and can be stored for a long time.
  • Flexible loading
    The slide loading slot can be loaded with the number of slides at any time according to actual needs, and the slides can be loaded at a time up to 150, which flexibly meets clinical needs.
  • HD operation page
    The 10-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, Chinese operation interface, beautiful and generous, simple and convenient operation.
  • Built-in operating system
    Built-in operating computer and Windows system, no need for external computers, tablets or other equipment, etc.
  • Diversified information entry
    A variety of information entry methods can be realized, including stand-alone entry, high-sensitivity scanner real-time information entry, remote network information entry, linked LIS/HIS information entry, etc., flexible and diverse, and entry is simple and convenient. Compatible with the current mainstream pathology software system.
  • Stable operation, intelligent and efficient
    No preheating, ready to use, stable operation, fast printing speed, on-demand printing, intelligent and efficient.
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