Automatic liquid-based
cytology processing system

Liquid based cytology

By adopting the international advanced technology of natural sedimentation liquid based thin layer cell detection, the new generation of instrument is realized from the machine of specimen to the automatic preparation and dyeing.

Product advantages

Product advantages




  • Automation

    Fully automatic one-button operation

  • High precision

    adopting high precision liquid distribution technology, to ensure the uniformity of preparation and dyeing effect.

  • Standardization:

    Automatic mixing, automatic transfer and standardization of preparation and dyeing of specimens.

  • Super flexible:

    4-48 people with multiple options and multiple modes.

  • Multi-mode:

    A variety of operating modes to meet customers' multiple choices while customizing the dyeing mode, freely adjust the dyeing time to meet the individual needs of customers.

  • Diversification:

    While meeting the requirements of gynecological specimens, it can also be applied to the production of non-gynecological specimens (including: sputum cells, urine cells, needle aspiration cells, thyroid puncture fluid, serous effusion, endoscopic brushing and Lavage fluid, breast discharge, etc.).

Matching reagent

Matching reagent

Cell preservation solution, specimen collection brush, anti-slip slides

Artificial intelligence cell detection

Artificial intelligence cell detection

Established a complete AI cloud diagnostic service system for comprehensive products,
which can provide overall solutions for cervical cancer screening

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